Vicki Lynn King has been singing and speaking to inspire others for most of her life. As a young adult, she spent many years speaking and singing with a music group which traveled throughout the mid-west. When she was in her forties, she moved into management within the corporate world of insurance. In this role, she spent much of her time doing motivational speaking with her corporate teams. She worked with team members on their goals and how they might be achieved. She shared key information on how to grow not only their business, but also their personal lives.
Vicki enjoys sharing her stories and encouraging others through her songs and words. She believes that all people have been given a gift that can be of value to the world. She speaks to others about how they can live their lives doing something they are passionate about, and in so doing, be a benefit to others. Vicki weaves her stories and her music together to make a very moving experience for her audience—one that they will never forget!
“I had the opportunity to listen to Vicki Lynn King a few years ago. Her inspirational speaking and singing are phenomenal. To this day it will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you Vicki for your words of wisdom!” Pat E.

Vicki is available to speak and sing at your corporate event, retreat, or other venues where you need a motivational speaker/singer. Please contact us for more information.