Vicki Lynn King helps readers live by design, not by default in new book

‘GOLD’ offers readers author’s life experiences, life coach expertise

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SYRACUSE, New York. — Author and transformational life coach Vicki Lynn King was once the regional manager for a Fortune 200 company. Though she was successful in the business world, she wanted her personal life back, so King did the unthinkable – she quit.
“GOLD: How To Go From Lost To Found, Awaken Your Inner Power, And Discover Your Midas Touch ” (Published by Best Seller Publishing) details King’s life journey, paying special attention to the many difficult but important decisions she has made. She aims to empower readers and enable them to make the same kinds of life-changing decisions she made.
In her new book she emphasizes her triumphs which she largely attributes to the fact that she is living by design, not by default, as she says each person’s life is co-created with God. She goes on to explain to readers how they can choose to live by design and create a life they love living.
“We are always creating our lives –BESTSEller even when we are not aware of it,” King says. “If you are not happy with your life, you need to notice what you’re thinking about and change your thoughts. As a human being, you have the power to choose.”
 By Vicki Lynn King
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About the Author
Vicki Lynn King is a Registered Nurse, a transformational life coach, as well as an award-winning singer and songwriter. She is also a motivational speaker who weaves her songs into her presentations. She has been speaking and singing for over 40 years. “GOLD” is King’s first published book