Vicki Lynn King grew up in northwest Iowa and spent much of her early years singing and riding horses. After high school she became a Registered Nurse, but continued to perform-singing in a gospel group that traveled throughout the mid-west. Her dreams were always about singing and writing. In her 30’s she entered a national singing contest and competed with 100,000 people, singing her original songs. Winning over the audience and the judges on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry…she won the whole enchilada! She garnered many rewards through winning the national finals—including a recording contract with EPIC records. Her single tune, “Don’t Call Me Mama Tonight” was released nationally—along with a music video which also aired nationwide. She has released four albums filled with several genres of music. In addition to her stunning voice, Vicki’s strengths are her versatility and the way she connects with her audience. Her latest CD Light Your World is Inspirational and will capture your heart! Her music career continues, as she sings for her own motivational speaking engagements, spiritual retreats, and corporate events.

“Vicki Lynn King is blessed with a beautiful voice. I really love her new CD- Light Your World!!” Diane V.

“Vicki connects with her audience whether she is sharing a personal story or singing an inspirational song, there is an authenticity that comes through loud and clear.” Marla Feikema

“Vicki Lynn King is one of the best acts we’ve ever had perform on our stage.” Dean Unkefer, Pres. SPI

“Vicki Lynn King sings with great feeling and conviction which captivates audiences.” Mylan Ray Station Mgr. KLOH Radio

“Vicki has a strong, clear voice; great stage presence, and an exciting approach to her music.” Walt Adams Mgr. Features Dept. TNN


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