Question for today: Who are you in relation to your Creator-Your Source?

I would invite you to look at yourself as a child of the Universe (God). As a child of God-you have a right to be here.

We all have the same birthright…do we not? Each of us is a unique creation of God. We are—each one of us—loved just as we are. God does not love anyone more than He loves you. He loves each of us in the messy parts of our lives and in the tidy parts of our lives. He loves us in the good, the bad, the light, and the dark parts of us. He knows our weaknesses and He loves us anyway!

You do not have to change one thing about yourself for God to love you. God is love and He longs for you to know and understand that you are cherished. If you can really get this understanding—not just intellectually, but deep down in your soul—your life can be transformed. God’s promises and God’s love are not for certain “special” people—they are for everyone. If you are breathing, you are eligible!

Can I prove this to you? No, but still I know it to be true. It cannot be proven and it cannot be disproven. I cannot show you the wind…but you can see it moving through the trees and you can feel it blowing on your face. Not everything in this world can be seen with the eyes or proven through empirical evidence. You need to know, deep down inside, that God Loves You.

With Love,
Vicki Lynn

“It’s not what you are that holds you back; it’s what you think you are not.” Denis Waitley

Monday Morning Motivator
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