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Best-Selling Author/Speaker

Vicki Lynn King has been singing and speaking to inspire others for most of her life. As a young adult, she spent many years speaking and singing with a music group which traveled throughout the mid-west. When she was in

Singer ~ Storyteller

Vicki weaves life stories and songs together to form a tapestry of entertainment, humor and inspiration. Click “Read more” to see Vicki in Action. “I don’t know how you do it, Vicki: the book and the CD. I so admire

Award-Winning Singer/Songwriter

Vicki Lynn King grew up in northwest Iowa and spent much of her early years singing and riding horses. After high school she became a Registered Nurse, but continued to perform-singing in a gospel group that traveled throughout the mid-west.

“This book is very inspirational and motivating. I loved that the author is speaking from experience and that makes it more real and refreshing. The author used life experiences to help readers see how skills and determination have worked for her in her life. I loved the conversational tone of the book, it makes it flow easier and it just feels like you’re reading a story. An amazing book!” Danielle


“You won’t be able to put this book down!! It makes you feel like your best friend is sharing personal experiences and insights with you. The inspirational quotes you will come to again and again! Vicki is proof positive that it is never too late to realize a dream! I highly recommend this book.”

Florence R. Rickards, MBA, Certified Life Mastery Consultant

“I so resonated with Vicki’s book. Great writing, fantastic teachings, and all around a must read. I have been down some of these same paths in my life. This message needs to get to everyone. It really helped me remember what my purpose in life is. I thank God for all of my blessings.”

M. Griep, CP